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Thanks to a grant from the US Department of Defense, we have created a line of products specially for those parents and caregivers serving our military. These items include brochures, posters, magnets, and more, all promoting the education of SBS prevention and used as a gentle reminder to never shake or hurt an infant!
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DOD - Dad's Wallet Tip Card DOD - Dad's Wallet Tip Card

Military Personnel Only - This card provides educational tips on developing an "up close and personal" relationship with your new infant. Wallet size (2"x3.5")

Our Price: $0.10
DOD - Stay Calm Bookmark DOD - Stay Calm Bookmark

Military Personnel Only - This bookmark is a convenient resource for parents or caregiver’s to utilize when needing help to understand what is best for the baby, and themselves, by staying calm when stress from crying sets in.

Our Price: $0.10
DOD - Mom's Brochure DOD - Mom's Brochure

Military Personnel Only - This brochure helps new mothers understand normal infant crying patterns. It offers tips for calming and enjoying your new baby. It also describes causes and symptoms of SBS and what to expect after deployment.

Our Price: $0.20
DOD - Dad's Brochure DOD - Dad's Brochure

Military Personnel Only - This tri-fold brochure gives tips on building a relationship with your new infant, discusses the normalcy of infant crying, the dangers of shaking a baby, and how to stay connected with your baby during deployment.

Our Price: $0.20
DOD - Enjoy Your Baby Brochure DOD - Enjoy Your Baby Brochure

Military Personnel Only - This colorful, informative, three panel brochure offers education to all caregivers about the frustrations of coping with a crying baby and several calming techniques. It also includes the possible consequences of shaken baby syndrome.

Our Price: $0.20
DOD - Diaper Bag Tag DOD - Diaper Bag Tag

Military Personnel Only - The diaper bag insert is easily removed and provides space to fill in personal contact information while still serving as a great reminder to never shake. It includes plastic sleeve and lanyard. Select from Asian, African, Caucasian, or Hispanic options.

Our Price: $0.35
DOD - "My Future Is In Your Hands" Magnet DOD - "My Future Is In Your Hands" Magnet

Military Personnel Only - This 3” x 4” magnet has a pop-out center that reminds caregivers to cope with infant crying. It is the perfect size for a photo to be inserted.

Our Price: $0.75
DOD - Dad's Guidebook DOD - Dad's Guidebook

Military Personnel Only - The Dads: The Basics Guidebook is a comprehensive handbook on fatherhood. It discusses the infant's basic needs, coping techniques for crying and an overview of SBS/AHT. There is also a section that teaches how to manage deployment with being a new father and connecting with your baby.

Our Price: $3.00